Copper Handi 3 Size
Copper Kadhai 3 Sizes
Copper Lagan
Copper Tandoor
Ice Bucket 2 Size
Allu. Meat Hammer
Antiskid Trays Rectangle
Antiskid Trays Round
Atta Scoop
Champagne Bucket with Stand
Chef Coat
Chinese Broom
Classic King Grater
Conical Milk Mug
Conical Strainer
Fifo Bottle
M.P. Tin Cutter
Mandolin Slicer
Metal Safty Gloves
Nylon Kitchen Tools
Oval Tong
Puff Cutter
Salt and Peeper Drumstick
Salt and Peeper Lipstick
Smoking Gun
Spaghetti Tong
Squeezy Bottle
SS Ashtray with Lid
SS Dredger
SS GN Pans
SS Toothpic & Straw Holder
Tea Infuser Ball
Tea Infuser Scissor
Tent Card Hut
Trishul Card Holder
Wodden Salt and Pepper Set